1453 US Highway 1,  PO Box 43,  Hancock, ME  04640  (207) 422-6479   email  hancockhomes@roadrunner.com

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Hancock Homes turned our dreams into reality with a  beautiful home that meets our needs in every way.  With their knowledge, skill, experience and integrity, they guided us through the thousands of decisions required to build a new home and made it fun at the same time.

Their customer-oriented approach and emphasis on communication made it possible for us to build our home while living over 300 miles away.  When a change was required now and then, we were informed and presented with alternatives that made the process go very smoothly.  Hancock Homes also planned and implemented an outstanding landscape design to complement our beautiful home.

In summary, we could not have dreamed of a better group of people to work with than the wonderful folks at Hancock Homes.

Custom Home & Landscaping Project - Corea, Maine

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