Text Box: To Whom It May Concern:

When we consider a building project, Hancock Homes is the place we go.  We trust Dean and Don Bowers and the quality of the work they provide.

Our association with Hancock Homes and Dean and Don Bowers goes back over twenty years and includes three major renovations to our home in Corea,  Maine.

The first project was the rebuilding of the entire roof on, what was then, our log cabin.  Structural panels of stiff insulation and fiber board, measuring almost a foot thick, were laid on the roof and then covered with thirty year shingles.  Five roof windows were installed to provide light and additional passive solar heat.  The new roofing system greatly enhanced heat retention within the one and a half story house which was at that time, heated only with a wood stove and passive solar.

Several years later, we needed to repair the south side of the house which had 12 full length windows and provided the major portion of our solar heat.  The windows that were originally installed had deteriorated and needed to be replaced.  Additionally, a sunroom was expanded to make it into a new living room.  Dean ordered custom made windows from Andersen Windows to be installed at a slant for the south facing solarium and bedroom and a quadruple glass panel patio door for the enlarged living room.  The doors open out onto a new deck which they had newly constructed.  It runs over forty feet in length along the south side of the house.  Hardwood oak floors were installed in the three south facing rooms.  A central heating system was also added during this project with Hancock Homes.  We sent Dean a card at the completion of the project, thanking Dean and Don and all their crew for making our home such a comfortable and well built place to live.

Last year we decided to move ahead with a long wished for addition to our home to include a handicap accessible downstairs bathroom and bedroom with oak floors, renovation of the wood stove hearth room, the utility room and the upstairs bathroom as well as the addition of an upstairs bedroom and a gas heating system.  There is only one building firm we would consider trustworthy enough to take on this project and help us develop a proper plan for this addition.  Once again Hancock Homes made careful plans and completed the job.  The hearth room has beautiful brick work to accommodate ample wood storage and safe wood stove operation and is accessed directly from the outside by a ramp leading through a full glass door for light.  The bedrooms are full of light and breathing room and the bathrooms are beautifully appointed.  The heating system is efficient, clean burning, cost effective and reliable.  Once again, Hancock Homes has made our home a great place to live!

We need to mention one emergency project wherein Dean and Don were there for us.  Four years ago we had an automobile accident and because of injuries suffered we had immediate need for a temporary ramp to provide wheelchair access to the house.  Hancock Homes had it built and ready for us before we arrived home from the hospital.  

Their integrity and friendship, the quality of the work they provided and the overall professionalism of the firm are highly valued by us.

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