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Text Box: To Whom It May Concern:

When I leave Sorrento in the Fall, I give Hancock Homes a list of things I would like done at our summer home.  They have completely rebuilt our large deck, replaced siding on the house, replaced the roof, refinished floors and railings on the inside and reworked shutters so they are easy to close.  

I am 100% pleased with everything they did. Dean Bowers made sure I was pleased with colors and materials before he did the work, but I knew that everything would be perfect without my being there to supervise.  

A year ago, I left Sorrento with instructions to Hancock Homes to build a garage.  They did everything from site selection, to plans, to construction and built it to match my house. It was ready the next summer and exactly what I wanted.

I trust Hancock Homes as 100% reliable and they do great work.

Susan Gristina
Sorrento, Maine