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Text Box: To Whom It May Concern:

Since 2006 we have used the manifold services of Hancock Homes.  I am happy to declare that in every respect and in every incidence we have found their workmanship, timeliness, and professionalism to be of the very highest caliber.  Furthermore, Hancock Homes has excellent problem solving skills, and is ever ready to research the latest advancements in technology and materials.

We had an interesting, although difficult, situation in which we used an inferior (unbeknownst to us) builder for a small house we built in 2006.  There were many, many problems with the house - including heating, lighting, flooring, and structural issues.  Hancock Homes came to our rescue and turned this sow’s ear into the next best thing to a silk purse.  Hancock Homes made us happy with our home.  But how I wish we had known to use Hancock Homes to build our house in the first place!  Had Hancock Homes built our house, it would have saved us much angst, time and money.

Hancock Homes actually strikes me as a bit miraculous, based on what my experience with contractors was before meeting them.  This is what I had learned from contractors in the 35 years before Hancock Homes:

	- rarely do they show up as promised
	- rarely is the job finished as promised
	- rarely is the estimate accurate
	- and if there is a problem, the blame is placed elsewhere - a subcontractor, the    	  	  materials, the weather, the delivery, the great aunt’s health…..etc

Hancock Homes has turned this sad model on it’s head:

	- Hancock Homes shows up as promised
	- Hancock Homes finishes the job as promised, and to the highest standard
	- Hancock Homes provides accurate estimates
	- Hancock Homes does not make excuses, Hancock Homes makes it right

Hancock Homes is dependable, thorough, and fun to work with.  You cannot do better than Hancock Homes!                                                                      

   (Customer references available on request)